Understanding Diverse Clients

By Nadia Serry

Imagine if you have an important message that you are anxious to relay to a group of people who work with you on a vital project… Now imagine that none of them speak your language…  Think of how difficult and energy consuming this task would be, and how risky it could be if you end up miscommunicating your important message.

Working with diverse clients is in many cases is like working with people who speak a different language. Decades of working with diverse clients has taught me that the more we understand the nature of diversity, and the more we are interested to learn about the “private world” of diverse clients, the higher the success rate of helping those clients to reach their life and career goals would be. “Understanding Diverse Clients” is a course designed to create awareness around this topic and support career development practitioners to feel confident to assist clients in increasingly diverse communities.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Articulate different kinds of diversity (e.g., age, gender, ethnicity)
  • Recognize specific career challenges encountered by diverse clients
  • Articulate the impact cultural differences have on communication
  • Select appropriate interventions and resources for diverse individuals/groups
  • Identify changes/modifications required to customize existing programs or resource materials to make them relevant for a different client population


Understanding Diverse Clients is a facilitated 2-week online course that is part of the Career Management Professional Program presented in partnership by Life Strategies Ltd. and Yorkville University.  It can be taken as a professional development course or as part of a larger certificate program.  For more information visit: http://lifestrategies.ca/services/courses/career-management-professional-program-cmpp.cfm

Dates: October 22nd – November 4, 2014

Location: http://learnonline.lifestrategies.ca

Cost:  $349 + GST and the cost of text books, if you are a new student there is also a one-time new student application fee of $35 + GST

Registration: To register visit https://www.lifestrategies.ca/store

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